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Roller Blinds For A Walk In Shower Room

April 30, 2010
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Blinds that will not collect moisture are needed for a shower room as the main problem here will be the amount of moisture that builds up an the blinds.

An easy option would be blackout Roller Blinds as they are both practical and easy to operate when they come into contact with water. The Blinds can be very easily rinsed if they became unclean and they can be dried off at any time with a simple swipe of a cloth.

A bathroom that is tiled looks great with a nice crisp roller blind colour and you can even add a cool blue braided trim onto a plain white window dressing for a very nice look.

The texture of a blackout lined fabric may be material on one side with a rubber like coating on the other side, this will protect the blind from any web substances that could harm the material.

The parts that control the blind itself are all waterproof which should give you that extra piece of mind that your blinds will outlast any other window covering you may have had installed in the recess of the window in the past.

Vertical Blinds For An Elegant Home

April 30, 2010
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Vertical Blinds are very elegant if installed in a beautiful bedroom. A bedroom is ideal to relax and ignore the ongoing stresses of everyday life. Vertical Blinds keep the light away from your eyes when you are trying to get some much needed sleep.

A variation of blinds throughout the home is always good, this will keep the feel of your house fresh and alive. Roller Blinds could be placed in one room and a wide bodied pair of wooden blinds on a landing area or in en entrance porch or hallway.

A wooden staircase can be matched up with bespoke made to measure blinds and you can even get a very good colour match so the two shades look very similar.

All of the blinds in our ranges are available with extension bracjets which would be needed if you needed the blinds to work correctly and avoid a collision with a window handle or a door opener. Extension brackets are very useful for fitting up your blinds to a conservatory window.

Roller or Roman Blinds also look equally as prestige as the previous blinds we have mentioned but these blinds are made up mainly of high quality textile fabric that has been produced to deterr water and moisture away from the surface.

Blinds For A Modern Day Manison

April 30, 2010
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Blinds look great in most homes but a luxury mansion is going to need some very unique blinds. A mansion is a huge home, often located in beautiful country locations with sweeping hills and amazing scenery.

Vertical Blinds are very well suited to large homes as the windows in big houses tend to be very wide meaning the blinds must also be wide. This particular blind type is perfect for the job as verticals can be manufactured to fit a window upto five metres in width.

A set of blinds that measures so wide will look simply amazing and you can even add an electric motor pack to the blinds, this will power up the top rail and you can use a hand held remote control device to direct the slats from side to side.

Wooden Blinds are one of the best to chose as they look simply devine, looking great in any room including a bedroom, bathroom lounge, dining room or even a garden office. The wood that is used to create this wonderful bespoke product is milled to perfection and you can tell quality a mile off when you glance at the subtle lines that these blinds create.

Blinds Are Far Better Than Shutters

April 29, 2010
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Blinds have recently emerged as the nation most popular type of window covering. Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds and Roller Blinds were among the favouries alond with the hugely popular and very sought after luxury wooden blinds.

The many uses for blinds including using them to split or divide a room into two sections for privacy or convenience make them very versatile and easy to use.

The introduction of electric powered blinds mean that the stress of operating the blinds is now gone. The stress free zone of your home can be installed with lovely shaded blinds in an instant with easy to follow video tutorials that can be found throughout the website.

Taking a moment to decide on the most practical blinds for a particular room is the best thing to do when you are first thinking of dressing your windows.

Wooden blinds are very robust and not as easy to lift as the lightweight alternative aluminium venetian blinds as these are easier to clean and much lighter.

Vertical Blinds are best for offices as you can choose to have a fire retardant fabric that will comply with any health and safety regulations that may have to be adhered to.

Shutters are very heavy and they have limited appeal due to the fact that you can only open and close them.

Ensure proper care for wooden blinds to keep them looking great

April 29, 2010
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When it comes to decorating a home, people use the best furnishings to create a different style for their homes. Not only do homeowners focus on the appearance of the walls and furniture today, many have started to pay close attention to the kind of window dressings they use as well. This is because window dressings play an important role in creating a pleasant ambience in the room. One of the most popular window accessories used for styling homes today is wooden blinds.

The beauty of wooden blinds

Over the last few years, wooden blinds have become one of the most popular window dressings. The main reason for this is that they can be used in all kinds of home décor. In addition to this, they are available in different colours and shades to ensure they blend in well with the colour of the home. Wooden blinds are especially popular in homes that have a lot of wooden furniture. This is because they complement this type of furniture exceptionally well.

Caring for wooden blinds

Wooden blinds may be very durable; however, they are subject to wear and tear. For this reason it is important to clean them from time to time. Keeping these blinds clean from dust is important for wooden blinds. You can also use a vacuum with a brush extension to clean dust from the blinds. To keep the wooden blinds looking great, use a damp rag or wood cleaning agent to clean away stains and other unsightly spots.

Keeping wooden blinds in good condition will ensure they last a long time and will also keep your home looking great.

Different types of blinds and their advantages

April 28, 2010
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The basic use of a window blinds is to cover windows, and they are used in homes, offices and schools. But when we think of blinds for our homes, we generally think of materials such as wood, plastic, fabric or even metal. However, one thing that everyone is looking for are blinds that add to the beauty of their house.

Blinds are made from a variety of materials, such as the ones mentioned below.

Fabric blinds – These blinds are generally used in bedrooms and living rooms, as they add to the beauty and décor of a home.

Wooden blinds -Wooden blinds are widely known for their versatility, and look great in all homes. These blinds can either be vertical or horizontal, although the horizontal style is the most common. Wooden blinds are perfect for stopping too much light from entering a room, and you can adjust the slats and regulate the amount of light easily.

Faux-wood – These are a fantastic alternative to wooden blinds, and they boast many benefits.

Take a little time when purchasing new blinds, and make the perfect long-lasting investment.

Could the World End In 2012 ? – Blinds

April 28, 2010
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Blinds will be very low on your list of priorities if the mayans have correctly predicted that the world will end on December 21st 2012. This date will be known as the end of civilization on planet earth as we know it and the mass devestation that is set to occur on that day will change earth forever.

There are many possibilities and a countless amount of predictions that have been made that could all cause the world to change in such a drastic manner, the most common theory being a polar shift.

Solar flares that even the best blackout blinds could not keep at bay are said to shower the earth, causing mass devestation and widespread panic the world over.

This date in the legendary mayan calander is very significant as the mayan calander simply ends on this date.

The ancient mayan people have predicted very accurately in the past and they even forecast events such as the boxing day tsunami and the floodings of new orleans.

The signs are apparently already showing and the those who choose to ignore these obvious signs may simply perish.

How can you prepare ?

You don’t have to sit around and wait for things to happen, they have already started, look at the recent volcanic eruption in iceland, this has disrupted every major airport coming in and out of europe. The recent events are very small compared to what is to come and according to some very educated researchers they fear we are simply not prepared.

The government do not want us to know that their is even the smallest possibility of a huge natural disaster. Imagine this, the government announces that the world as we know it is about to change forever. Martial law and looting will soon commence, along with mass murder and all sorts of unforgivable crimes. Mass panic would occur the world over and there would be total gridloc throughout the whole country.

My advice is, forget your blinds. Concentrate all of your energy and focus into sourcing cheap land and then building an underground bunker that is capable of housing you and your loved ones for as greater length of time as possibble.

Why should you opt for wooden blinds?

April 28, 2010
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Window blinds are coverings that help to control the amount of light entering a room, and they also play an important role in keeping the room cool. Generally, window blinds are made from slats of metal, wood or fabric. These blinds can be adjusted as per users needs.

Window blinds are also great for enhancing the look of a room. There are different types of blinds available these days, although many people opt for wooden blinds as they offer many advantages.

Save Energy

Wooden blinds are known for their ability to help save energy. They are made up of wooden strips. Wooden blinds are a bad conductor of electricity so they can insulate the window and help in keeping the room warm. This can lead to lower heating costs.

New Look To Your Home

Wooden blinds add a different look to your home. Wood always brings a touch of luxury, and wooden blinds reflect a sense of beauty- giving a modern yet classical look.

Apart from all the above mentioned advantages, wooden blinds are also very easy to maintain- making them an excellent choice for any home.

Roller blinds are essential for those living in busy communities

April 28, 2010
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Many streets and housing estates today have many homes that are situated very closely together, and although this is a great way of getting to know all of your neighbours, it does mean that lack of privacy can be an issue. Roller blinds can provide this much needed privacy.

Roller blinds are popular because of their fantastic features, and they are available in different types.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the best way to reduce the amount of sunlight which penetrates your room. If you prefer traditional-style window blinds along with a contemporary touch, then you can opt for black out roller blinds. Blackout roller blinds help in blocking out light completely.

Solar Blinds

If you like your home to be sunny and bright then you can use solar blinds that have a light filtering feature. These blinds are available in various colours and patterns to suit the décor of your home perfectly.

Roller blinds are the best option for those who want modern, cost effective window coverings which are easy to install, easy to maintain and look fantastic.

Vertical Blinds With Plastic Chain

April 28, 2010
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by admin

Vertical blinds are now the nations favourite type of blind and the plastic control chain that can rotate the slats is now available to purchase. The way the blinds work is essential to preserving a quality product.

Many people who purchase a window covering over the internet may at first be cautious as to how the blinds will turn out but you will be comforted to know that we are on hand to help you through the whole buying and installation process.

The variation of colours and textures that you now have the ability to select for yourself may even suprise you. The blinds are controlled via a chain that can be pulled by the hand, the chain itself is plastic and very durable.

Many blinds used to have a heavy chain manufactured from steel, the steel chain was very heavy and would discolour and even rust when it came into contact with any water around the house.

I personally have been manufacturing blinds for over 20 years and i can honestly say that vertical blinds are the most versatile of all of the window coverings.

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