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Tips to find perfect blinds

September 30, 2010
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Are you looking for window or conservatory blinds? Are you confused about the right type for your house? Do not worry. Many people face this problem before making a purchase decision. Here are few tips to make the decision easier:

Know the different types available

There are different types of blinds available in the market.

• Vertical blinds
• Venetian blinds
• Wooden blinds
• Roller blinds

These blinds are made to meet varying needs of users. You can find the above blinds in different materials like aluminium, fabric, plastic and wood. The first thing you should consider when choosing from these types is your needs and preferences.

Use of blinds

Blinds are often used for:

• Conservatories and skylights
• Bathrooms
• Kitchen

You need to select the blind depending upon its use. For instance, the material used for bathroom blinds should be water resistant. You can opt for vertical aluminium blinds as they will not be affected by moisture and will allow right amount of sunlight to enter.

Take proper measurements before buying

If you are buying blinds for windows, then it is necessary that you measure the size of window. Not knowing the exact measurements will get you the wrong size blinds. This will result in waste of money as they will not be of any benefit to you.

Blinds – an insight into different types

September 30, 2010
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Today, blinds are used almost everywhere – from homes to offices. These are not only used to cover windows but are good for conservatories and skylights. As these blinds are used for various purposes they are made of different materials in varying styles.

Materials used for blinds

Wood – Wood is a very good insulator. Also, wooden blinds do not get easily stained.

Plastic – These blinds are cheaper compared to others. Plastic slat blinds can be easily maintained as wiping them with a dry or moist cloth is all you need to do to clean them. The best part of plastic blinds is the ease of replacement. Damaged slats can be replaced with new ones without buying a new set of blinds.

Metal – Though these blinds are available in different metals, aluminium blinds are the most popular. Metal blinds are a good alternative to plastic blinds as they give a modern and up-to-date look to the room.

Different styles of blinds

The styles mentioned below are available in all the materials discussed above. Some of the often used styles are:

Vertical – The slats of these blinds are vertically arranged. These slats are again available in two different styles – long slats that hang from top to bottom and slats that are divided with cords.

Venetian – Venetian blind slats are arranged horizontally. These blinds offer an elegant and classy look to the room.

Reasons to choose blinds over curtains

September 29, 2010
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Blinds are preferred over curtains these days due to a number of reasons, which includes;

  • Blinds add a touch of glamour to the room
  • They are available in a range of different styles and designs
  • They come in a variety of materials

Besides the above mentioned reasons, there are many benefits that these blinds offer. Two of the key benefits are detailed below.

Control the amount of light

Blinds are very helpful in controlling the amount of light that enters the room. Vertical and Venetian blinds are often used for this purpose. If you reside in an area which has bright sun shining in then you should opt for these blinds. The slats of these blinds can be adjusted to allow enough light in without being blinded by the glare. You can close them completely to block the light altogether or adjust them at an angle that allows only the required amount of sunlight to enter the house.

Curtains are light weight and the fabric used is often thin. These fail in blocking the light and sunrays completely if required. If thicker fabric is used to make curtains block sunlight, it often blocks the breeze as well. This makes the room uncomfortably hot. It is also difficult to block the sun while allowing in some light with curtains.

Suits every type of interior

As blinds are available in different styles, designs and materials; you can find a perfect match for your interior. Curtains can be found in only two types of materials – plastic and fabric. Blinds are made up of fabric, wood, plastic and aluminium. You can choose the material according to your needs, home décor and choice. Similarly, you can find plain as well as designer blinds to match the interiors of the room.

Window blinds – Tips to choose them according to your home décor

September 28, 2010
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Window blinds, if chosen as per your home décor can give a classy and elegant look to the room. People often become confused while buying these blinds as they are available in a wide variety of designs and materials. When you go to the market and see so many available you buy the most attractive one, without considering factors like need and suitability of the blind. Here are a few tips to buy blinds that will suit your home décor:

Select blinds depending on their colour

You can find window blinds in a wide range of colours. Wooden blinds are also available in different colours. Colours that are in contrast to your room look good, but opting for a bright textured blind can look odd in a light coloured room. Similarly, using pale and faint colours in a bright room can ruin the décor.

The opening of slats

You can either open or close Venetian slats individually or pull the cords and lift the slats completely to the top of the window.

Choose the right pattern

You can choose a pattern that suits your furniture and other décor. This will complement the existing items in your home and make sure that your investment is well spent.

Venetian blinds – their origins and the reasons for their popularity

September 27, 2010
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Contrary to popular belief, Venetian blinds originated in Persia and not the canal city of Venice. For years, Venetian blinds have served as attractive alternatives to curtains.


Blinds have existed for centuries. They were first used in Egypt where reeds were used to make blinds, while the Chinese made blinds using bamboo strips. Most historians believe that Venetian blinds specifically date back to 1760. The early ones had two inch slats of wood attached to cloth ribbons. One story says that Venetian blinds were brought by traders who came from Persia.

Their use and popularity

Venetian blinds became instantly popular and were installed in many homes and public buildings. In 1761, they were used to cover the windows of St Peter’s Church in Philadelphia. Some paintings of Independence Hall also show signs of Venetian blinds being used.


John Hampson came up with a unique design to change the angle of slats of Venetian blinds. This made the blinds more popular and user friendly. In modern day Venetian blinds, this consists of a plastic rod fitted at the top of the blinds.

Types of Venetian blinds

In 1946, new types of light, aluminium Venetian blinds were introduced. Following this, mini blinds with slats measuring one inch were introduced in the Sixties. Micro blinds with a slat width of half an inch were popular in the Nineties. These days, two inch wooden Venetian blinds are once again quite popular.

Venetian blinds are effective in controlling the amount of sunlight coming in. They are simple to install and also an economical option compared to other blinds.

Top five benefits offered by roller window blinds

September 27, 2010
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Are you searching for new window coverings? If your answer is yes, then consider buying blinds. This is because they offer more benefits than shutters or curtains. Today, different types of blinds are available. This includes vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, wooden blinds and roller blinds.

Out of them all, roller blinds are preferred by many home and office owners. Here is a list of advantages offered by the latest roller blinds:

Block outside light – Unlike other window blinds, roller blinds are made from a single piece of fabric which can be rolled up and down easily. This feature keeps the sunlight out of your home and creates a pleasant environment.

Easy to install – Compared to other types, it is very easy to install roller blinds. This means that you can do it yourself using the proper tools. When installing, ensure that the edges are securely fixed.

Simple to maintain – As roller blinds are made from a single piece of fabric, they can be washed in the washing machine. You can also use a damp cloth to clean the fabric on a regular basis.

Available in various styles – To fulfill various needs, roller blinds are available in different designs, colours and sizes. So, you can choose one which suits the décor of your home.

Maintains privacy – Roller window blinds are made from dark coloured fabrics which do not allow anyone to see inside your home. This is why they are commonly installed in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Opt for vertical blinds and add more elegance to your home

September 27, 2010
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Window dressings are one of the most important home accessories. Although they may not seem too important, ideal window dressings can alter the entire aesthetics of a home. There are a number of things to be considered when opting for blinds. Research the market carefully and purchase a blind that is suited to the décor of your house.

Vertical blinds act as perfect window dressings

There are different kinds of stylish window dressings available. But homeowners who want to keep up have started opting for vertical blinds. People who like blinds but want something new can opt for vertical blinds. They are available in a wide range of colours and designs and can complement the décor of all rooms.

Vertical blinds are known for their classy and elegant looks. They are ideal if you want complete control over the light that enters your home. These blinds make it easy to adjust the amount of light you want to let in. In addition to this, vertical blinds also offer an excellent level of privacy. Another advantage is that they can also be used in offices and other commercial sectors.

It is prudent to seek expert help if you are unsure as to the type of vertical blinds to purchase.

Wooden blinds – Cleaning and drying them

September 26, 2010
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You should install wooden blinds on your windows, as they not only look good but also effectively control outside light.

A lot of dirt accumulates on wooden blinds and they need to be cleaned to maintain their look. Here are some ways how you can clean them.

Using a vacuum

Cleaning wooden blinds with a vacuum is the simplest way of cleaning them. A hoover can easily remove dirt and dust collected on the blinds. You need to first remove the blinds from the window and keep them in a hanging position for better cleaning. The round brush attachment of a hoover works best on blinds. For vertical blinds, move the device from left to right and for horizontal blinds, from up to down. Ensure that you use the vacuum on both sides of the blinds.

Cleaning the slats

You can use a soft cloth to clean slats of the wooden blinds. This is required when the dust is difficult to remove. Clean each slat individually. Place the cloth on your hand and wipe the slats from both sides. To avoid any damage to the blinds, always dust them in the direction of slats. You can also use vinegar or wood cleaners but check the manufacturer’s manual before using any cleaning solution. If you want to use any cleanser, then apply it on the cloth first instead of directly applying on the blind slats. Ensure that the cloth does not get too wet. Wooden blinds would need special cleaning agents and one cannot use water with these types of blinds.

Dry the slats

If you have used vinegar, then dry them well using a cloth. Keep the blinds open for sometime to prevent sticking. They need to be left open for at least thirty minutes. =

Roller blinds to enhance the décor of your home or office

September 25, 2010
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Are you purchasing new window blinds for your home? If your answer is yes, then consider the various types such as vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, blackout blinds and roller blinds. Out of these options, roller blinds are preferred by many homeowners these days because they provide a high level of privacy and block out sunlight.

The structure of roller window blinds

Roller window blinds are made from a large piece of fabric which can be rolled on or off the rod, whenever required. With the help of the operating system, you can roll down the fabric and cover the window completely. There are two different ways to operate these window blinds. This includes sidewinder and spring options.

How to install roller blinds

With the help of brackets, you can fix the rod along with the stiffened fabric over the window frame. There are two ways to fix these blinds such as face fix and top fix. While installing, ensure that there are no obstructions in the way of the fabric. This means that the fabric needs to flow freely.

The benefits are offered by roller blinds

Compared to other window blinds, roller blinds are known for being decorative, stylish and economical in nature. As roller blinds provide great privacy, they are perfect for both the home as well as the office. One of the best things about these blinds is that they are easy to maintain and clean. Due to different requirements, roller blinds are available in various sizes, styles and designs. So, you can choose the one which suits the décor of your home.

Tips to clean Venetian blinds

September 25, 2010
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Venetian blinds are easy to maintain as they do not need any professional services to clean them. These blinds are often made up of plastic or fabric which can easily be cleaned. Wood Venetian blinds are also available that are made using good quality woods. These woods do not get stained easily. Here are few tips to keep your Venetian blinds clean:

Removing stains

If the blinds have stains from long time usage and are difficult to get rid off, it is better to remove them from window tracking before washing them. For effective cleaning, fill a bath tub with water and add mild detergent to it. You can then soak these blinds in water for 5 to 10 minutes and then wipe them with a cloth.

Maintaining them daily

Routine maintenance and cleaning does not require removing the blinds from window tracking. Dusting venetian blinds with feather brush daily will not collect any dust. Similarly, a vacuum can work wonders in keeping them clean. You can dry blow these blinds once in a week. This will remove the dust settled in corners of blinds as well.

For small stains and corrosions – you can sprinkle a small amount of detergent on the stained part and rub it off with a moist cloth. Warm water can easily remove these stains.

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