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Vertical blinds – Three benefits and some valuable tips on maintenance

October 30, 2010
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Vertical blinds are vertically arranged slats that can be made of different materials. These blinds are easy to install and operate. Vertical blinds help the user to control the amount of light entering the room. You can use these blinds to cover doors, windows or skylights as their louvres are available in varying lengths. If you are planning to buy vertical blinds here are few things you should know:

Benefits of vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are the best option to choose if you want to control the light without blocking it out completely.

When it comes to the décor of your room, you can select vertical blinds in a similar style as they can coordinate perfectly with every type of décor. You can also customise these blinds adding a touch of glamour to your room.

Vertical blinds are easy to maintain as you can replace the damaged slats with new ones. You need not invest in a new blind and replacing the damaged one is easy to do.

Tips to clean vertical blinds

You need to follow only few steps to keep your vertical blinds clean. Wiping them with a damp cloth regularly will clean all the dirt and dust settled on the blinds. To clean other stains you can sprinkle detergent on the vanes and gently rub it with a soft cloth or toothbrush.

You can also use vacuum cleaners with a soft brush attachment once in a week to keep dust away from the blinds.

Venetian blinds – Why you should be installing them

October 29, 2010
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Venetian blinds have gained popularity in recent times due to their attractive looks and easy-to-operate features. Venetian blinds are commonly used to control the amount of light that enters the room and also to provide privacy to the user. These blinds are perhaps one of the most common types which are used after fabric. Commercial use is prevalent and the material used in the manufacture of these blinds can be either wood or metal.

Reasons for you to opt for venetian blinds

These blinds allow the user to configure the blinds according to their needs and requirements. The major advantage of these blinds is that they add to the décor of the house and make it look more attractive. Venetian blinds are cost-effective and easy to maintain.

• They are available in various designs and colours, thus giving you the freedom of choice
• Installation of these blinds is easy
• They can either be purchased directly from a retailer or made-to-measure
• Their versatility and durability is high

Venetian blinds do not need regular maintenance beyond a little cleaning. By having blinds installed, you can control the amount of light which enters the room easily.

Top five reasons to install roller window blinds

October 28, 2010
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Are you searching for suitable window blinds for your home? If your answer is yes, then you should consider buying the latest roller blinds. Today, roller blinds are commonly seen in many offices, homes, commercial places and corporate buildings. This is because roller blinds offer great benefits over other types of window coverings.

Easy to install

Once you have purchased roller blinds you can call a professional to install them or do it yourself. To install roller blinds over your windows, you have to have tools such as screws, measurement tape, and spirit level. It will only take a few minutes to install a roller blind on your windows.

Wide range of options

One of the best things about roller blinds is that they are available in different colours, styles, designs and textures. This means that you can choose one which suits your tastes and décor of your home.

Offers 100% blocking

As roller blinds are made from thick fabrics, they can easily block the entrance of outside light. This means that they allow you to have a peaceful sleep even during the daytime.

Offers complete privacy

Unlike other window blinds, roller blinds do not have any vanes or slats. This feature does not allow anyone to see inside your home. This is one of the main reasons why roller blinds are installed in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Requires little maintenance

As roller blinds are made from a single piece of cloth, they do not require much maintenance or cleaning. A great thing about roller blinds is that they are machine washable.

Top five reasons to install Venetian window blinds in your home

October 27, 2010
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If you are planning to change your window coverings then you should consider Venetian blinds. This is because they are affordable and offer great benefits. Venetian blinds are made from slats which are placed in a horizontal direction. They also have cords or strings to adjust the position of the blinds. If you have decided to install Venetian blinds then you should know what benefits are offered by them:

Blocks outside light – As the slats of Venetian blinds are placed in a horizontal direction, they can block the sunlight or outside light perfectly. This feature allows homeowners to take a nap even during the day time.

Easy to install –
Unlike other window blinds, it is very easy to install Venetian blinds over your windows. This means that you can do it yourself with the right tools and save the installation costs.

Offers high privacy levels – Once you have installed Venetian blinds in your home then you do not have to worry about privacy. This is because they do not allow an outsider to look inside your home. This means that Venetian blinds are perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Less maintenance required –
One of the best things about Venetian blinds is that they do not require much maintenance. They require cleaning only once a week or so.

A wide range of options – Due to different requirements, Venetian blinds come in different designs, styles, colours and materials. So, you can choose one which suits your needs and décor of your home.

Give your bathroom privacy by installing blinds

October 26, 2010
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The availability of blinds for various rooms in your home makes them more desirable and popular than traditional curtains. Installing blinds in your bathroom adds style and enhances privacy. There is a wide variety of blinds available in the market, so opt for one according to your needs and requirements.

Blinds that can fit into your bathroom and enhance the interiors

Wood, aluminium, PVC and Venetian are some of the types of blinds that can be used to great effect in your bathroom. If it is style that you are looking for your home, then wood blinds are a great choice. Wood blinds are available with special slats that will prevent the colour of your blinds from fading. However, it should be noted that wood tends to get damaged when exposed to too much moisture.

Aluminium blinds: For people who are looking for an easy-to-use blind, aluminium blinds are the perfect option. These blinds are easy to clean and offer more versatility than any other kind. They not only keep your bathroom looking at its best but are also available in a design that is easy to clean and maintain.

PVC or venetian blinds: Venetian and PVC blinds are available in a wide array of choices. They are available in different colours and designs. With the help of these blinds, you can easily control the amount of sunlight entering your bathroom.

Tips to choose window blinds for your office

October 26, 2010
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Choosing the wrong blinds for your office will ruin the entire look of it. One thing you should consider before buying blinds for the office is that they should give a completely professional look to the room. Here are a few tips to choose the right window blinds for your office.

Know the types of blinds for offices

There are a number of window blinds available on market but not all suit the office atmosphere. You can choose from the three blinds listed below:

• Vertical blinds
• Venetian blinds
• Roller blinds

The slats of vertical blinds are arranged vertically while those of venetian blinds are arranged horizontally. Roller blinds are made up of one piece of fabric which rolls up and down in front of the window.

Choose proper colour and design

When it comes to the office atmosphere, it is preferred not to choose heavily patterned blinds. The colour of the blinds should be chosen as per the interiors and colour of room. Go for calming pastel colours or bright, vibrant ones depending on the atmosphere you want to create.

Avoid using many types of blinds

It looks odd and unprofessional when you install different types of blinds in the same room. If possible opt for same window blinds in all the rooms of the office.

Buy the right size window blinds

Do not buy oversize or short window blinds. Take proper measurements of the window before buying them.

Cleaning Venetian blinds properly

October 25, 2010
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Venetian blinds are preferred by many homeowners as they not only look beautiful but are also effective to block outside light. However, these blinds collect dust easily. It is necessary to keep them clean. Here are a few tips to clean your Venetian blinds.

Open the blinds

Before you start cleaning your Venetian blinds, open them fully and remove from the window tracking. Once you have opened them completely, place them in the bath-tub.

Fill the bath-tub

Fill the bath-tub or the play pool with warm water. Cover the bath-tub area three-quarters with warm water. This is enough to completely cover the Venetian blinds.

Add vinegar

Add white vinegar to the bath-tub and mix the water so that the vinegar gets mixed in completely. Vinegar is added because it is effective to remove the grime and dirt accumulated on the blinds. Another good thing is that vinegar cleans the Venetian blinds without harming the blinds in any way.

Soak the blinds

Once you have dipped the blinds in the solution, let them soak in it for some time. See to it that they remain soaked in the water until all the dirt is completely removed. Keep on stirring the water to remove dirt that has got stuck on the blinds.

Rinse in cold water

Once done with cleaning, rinse the blinds in cold water. Use your shower to rinse them. Ensure that you clean the bath-tub properly once done with cleaning the blinds.

Dry them

Allow your Venetian blinds to dry in the open for a spell.

Vertical blinds – Why you should choose them over others

October 24, 2010
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Are you planning to renovate your home and want to change the window coverings? If so, then consider installing the latest window blinds. Today, many home and office owners are opting for window blinds over curtains because they offer more benefits. If you have decided to buy window blinds then you have to consider different types such as vertical blinds, Venetian and blackout blinds. Out of the above options, vertical blinds are commonly seen in many homes and offices.

Structure of vertical blinds

The latest vertical window blinds are made from slats or vanes which are placed in vertical positions. All these slats are attached with a string or cord which helps in controlling the position of the slats. As these slats move in a vertical direction, they offer high level of privacy and easily block the entrance of outside light.

What benefits are offered by vertical blinds?

Compared to other window blinds, vertical blinds are available at reasonable prices. Once you have installed these blinds in your home then you can easily protect your home from the effect of sunlight. Moreover, vertical blinds also offer high level of privacy to their users. This is one of the main reasons why they are installed in many offices these days. Vertical blinds are perfect for conference rooms where you require 100% privacy.

To fulfil different tastes and requirements, vertical blinds come in different materials, colours and designs. They are commonly made from fabric, vinyl and wood. This means that they can be installed in modern as well as traditional homes or offices.

Window blinds – Opt for one and improve the décor of your bedroom

October 23, 2010
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If you have purchased a new home, you might have noticed that you are provided with the option of installing blinds on the windows. Window blinds are gaining popularity due to their myriad benefits. They can be used as a sole method of covering your windows and still look fantastic. Unlike curtains that can only hang down, window blinds are attractive either vertically or horizontally hung, thereby making them ideal for most of the rooms in your new home.

What are your options when it comes to purchasing window blinds?

With the choice of horizontal or vertical orientation, window blinds are the answer to the trickiest interior design dilemma. There are a number of window blinds available in the market so opt for a style according to your needs and requirements.

Venetian blinds: Venetian blinds have gained immense popularity in recent times due to the improved manufacturing process and availability in different curves and designs.

PVC Blinds: Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) blinds are ideal for many as they are light in weight and more durable compared to other forms of blinds. These blinds are available in many colours and designs. They are cost-effective and easy to clean as well.

Composite blinds: Composite blinds consist of a combination of polymers and wood-based products. The wood gives it a rich feel while the presence of polymers ensures that the blind is as smooth as possible. They are available in a range of colours and wood effects and are more expensive than PVC.

Wooden blinds: Blinds made from real wood are desirable for many people as they give out a rich feel and also enhance the décor of your bedroom or living room. They are available in different price ranges and are affordable for most people.

Easy tips on how to maintain vertical blinds

October 22, 2010
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Most modern homes make use of blinds as they are easy to install and handle compared to curtains. While curtains need frequent washing and dusting to keep them attractive, blinds just need to be wiped with a damp cloth once a week and they are as good as new.

There are many different kinds of blinds available. Vertical blinds are the most common and this type of blind requires slightly more care than some others.

Vertical blinds are responsible for giving your room a clean and clutter free look. Therefore, these blinds are ideal for smaller rooms. Mentioned below are some ways to clean them.

Unhooking blinds: Unhook the blinds carefully. Ensure that the mechanism or fabric used in the blind does not get damaged in the process.

Cold water soak: After unhooking the blinds, wipe off any dust and soak them in a mixture of cold water and cleaning agent.

Rinse the blind thoroughly: Remove the blind after 5-10 minutes. Rinse it thoroughly to get rid of any cleaning agent and allow it to dry. After it has completely dried, you can place it back in position.

Vertical blinds are commonly used in offices and other commercial sectors due to their myriad benefits and attractive look.

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