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What are the different varieties of blinds available?

November 30, 2010
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In recent times, blinds have been a preferred option over curtains as they not only look attractive but are also effective in controlling outside light and offering privacy. Blinds come in different styles and you can select one which is traditional looking or one that is more modern. There are different kinds of blinds available in the market. Some of them are explained below.

Roman blinds

If you are looking for long lasting and superior quality blinds, then Roman blinds are a perfect option for you. Some Roman blinds come with a black-out lining.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a popular variety of blinds that are seen in many homes in the UK. Most Venetian blinds are manufactured using aluminium and are effective in giving you the required level of privacy. If you want to create a fresh and modern look for your home, then Venetian blinds are perfect for you.

Roller blinds

If you are a budget spender, then you can opt for roller blinds. With roller blinds, you can easily control the outside light coming in. You just have to roll the blind up when you want some light and when you prefer darkness, you simply roll the blind down.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are seen in many homes in the UK. Their operating mechanism is simple. You will be amazed to see how simple they are to operate. Vertical blinds come in a range of textures and colours so you will not have any difficulty finding the right one for your home. Typically, vertical blinds are manufactured using thick plastic.

Effective ways to clean Venetian blinds

November 30, 2010
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Venetian blinds, though they can be made of a variety of materials, are easy to clean. Wiping and dusting them regularly will not allow any dust to settle. If you find stains or dirt that has collected on the slats which are difficult to clean, follow the steps given below:

Cleaning measures to follow

Remove the blind – To clean difficult stains and dust you may need to remove the blind so as to wash them thoroughly.

Clean the blinds in warm water – It is preferred that you use warm water for effective cleaning of blinds. A bath will provide proper space for cleaning, hence fill the bath with warm water and submerge the slats of blinds in the water for 5 to 10 minutes. Mix a small amount of mild detergent into this water.

Add white vinegar as an alternative to detergent – If detergent does not work on stains, use white vinegar as an alternative.

Rinse the blinds in cold water – After the dirt and stains disappear, remove the blinds from the bath and rinse the slats in cold water. Now allow the blinds to dry completely before hanging them back on the window. If necessary, wipe each slat with a soft, dry cloth to prevent the dust from being attracted to the moist slats.

An in-depth cleaning procedure of Venetian blinds should be carried out once a month. Wiping, vacuum cleaning and feather dusting should be involved in routine cleaning.

Fabric or wood blinds – which material is right for you?

November 30, 2010
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Blinds are a perfect replacement for curtains. As these blinds are easy to maintain and give a classy look to the room, they are often preferred nowadays. Besides the look and easy maintenance, blinds also offer many benefits to the user. This includes control over the entrance of light. Blinds are also made of different materials to suit the varying needs of users.


Fabric is lighter and cheaper than many other materials used for blinds. These blinds also restrict the entrance of dust into the room to a certain extent and hence are good for dry areas.


Wood is often used for Venetian blinds. Wooden slats are linked together by corded pulleys which makes it easier to gather the slats together when needed. These blinds are suitable for individuals who want to maintain their privacy and generally look a bit more stylish as well.

You can find many varieties of wooden blinds with different finishes and in different sizes. Compared to other Venetian blinds, the slats of wooden blinds are often broader, ranging from 25mm to 50mm.

Reasons to consider roller blinds over other styles

November 28, 2010
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Do you want to change the appearance of your windows? If so, consider buying blinds. Today, many homeowners are purchasing blinds over curtains. Due to different demands, various types of window blinds are available these days. This includes Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roman and roller blinds.

Out of the above mentioned types, roller window blinds are preferred by many people because they offer excellent benefits such as:

Blocks outside light

One of the best things about roller blinds is that they can easily control the entrance of sunlight in the home. As roller blinds are made from a single piece of cloth, they can block out outside light completely.

Simple to clean

Unlike some other types of blinds, it is very easy to clean and maintain roller window blinds.

Wide range of choices

To fulfil different requirements, roller blinds come in different colours and made from different materials so you can choose the type of blind which suits all of your needs.

Easy to install

Once you have bought new roller window blinds for your home then you can either call a professional to complete installation or you can do it yourself.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider roller blinds.

Roller blinds have numerous benefits

November 27, 2010
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Architecture has evolved tremendously in recent times. There have been many new inventions in architecture. For instance, instead of walls, people now prefer to have strong glass. They can see what is happening outside but outsiders can only see their reflection. Instead of curtains, people now prefer to install blinds. Blinds not only look great but also provide many practical benefits.

There are many benefits of installing roller blinds. Some of them are listed below.

Simple to use

Roller blinds are simple to install and you do not have to make much of an effort to fit them on your windows. Roller blinds are made of opaque stiffened fabric and they can be easily rolled up vertically and rested on top of the window pane. They do not occupy much space. You can use a thin string attached to the roller blinds to pull them up or down. Some advanced roller blinds also come with remote controls. They can be easily customised to fit different sizes of windows.


Unlike some expensive types of blinds, roller blinds are affordable to purchase and you can easily afford them. As they are economical, you can buy them in large numbers if you have many windows in your house.

Block outside light

The primary function of roller blinds is to block outside sunlight, which they do it effectively. As per your convenience, you can either roll them up if you want outside light or you can roll them down to block the light.


You can create a style statement by printing different images and graphics on roller blinds. You can opt for a floral design or some other pattern which you like. Apart from the designs, you can also choose roller blinds in different colours.

Why should you select blinds for your conservatory windows?

November 26, 2010
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If you are lucky enough to have a conservatory in your apartment, you also have to design it properly. A good way to decorate your conservatory is by choosing conservatory blinds.

Enhance the appearance

Conservatory blinds can add a different dimension to your conservatory. They add value to the place and in a cost-effective way. If you install blinds for the windows in your conservatory, they will change the complete look and feel of the place. Apart from changing the appearance, they will also provide you some privacy which is desired by every one. Another good thing about fitting blinds for the conservatory windows is that you can effectively control the amount of sunlight coming inside.

Reduce utility costs

Apart from adding value to your home, blinds can help to decrease your heating bills. Blinds for conservatories come in varying thicknesses so you can select one depending on your choice. If you select blinds that are very thick, they can effectively lock up the heat inside the conservatory and keep the place warm. This way, you do not have to use your heaters every time you want some warmth in your room. This helps to reduce your utility costs. Blinds for conservatories are of different types like pinoleum, roman and pleated ones. All the different types come with different functionalities. They have their own style and effect.

When selecting blinds for the conservatory, you do not have to settle with just one type of blinds. You can mix up different blinds to create a customised look for your conservatory. For instance, you can fit roman blinds or roller blinds for the side windows of the conservatory while you can go for pleated blinds for the roof.

Buying new window blinds? Read the following tips

November 25, 2010
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Gone are the days when homeowners solely used to install curtains on their windows. Now, window blinds are preferred by many people because they offer great benefits like blocking the entrance of outside light and offering enhanced privacy. If you are planning to replace your old window coverings then window blinds are for you. Here are few factors you must consider before buying blinds:

Consider the interior of your home

As window blinds are available in various colours, textures and designs, it is important to consider the décor of your home before making any purchase. Consider the colour of your walls and furniture in your home before buying blinds.

Types of window blinds

Today, different types of window blinds are available on the market. These include Venetian blinds, roller blinds, wooden blinds and vertical blinds, so you can choose the type which best meets your needs.

Measure your windows

Window blinds also vary on the basis of size, so it is very important to measure the size of your windows before buying blinds. You can measure windows with the help of a simple measuring tape.

Take your time and pick the perfect window blinds.

Venetian blinds are ideal for your bedroom

November 23, 2010
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Are you bored with the existing décor of your room? Do you want to transform your bedroom into a comfortable place to sleep? If yes, there are many things that you can do. Remodelling your bedroom is one of the best ways to enhance its overall décor. When looking forward to remodel your home, window covering is one of the most important things you need to consider.

Roller blinds, vertical blinds, Venetian blinds and wooden blinds are some options you can choose from. For overall beauty, longevity and versatility, choosing Venetian blinds is the best option. They are available in a wide range of designs, patterns, styles and colours. This offers you the flexibility to choose the one depending on your preferences, needs and budget.

Venetian blinds are also available in blackout shades. If you find it difficult to sleep during the daytime, installing Venetian blackout blinds can be quite helpful. While these blinds look just as amazing as other type of blinds, they do provide an added benefit of easily transforming your room from light to dark.

Roller blinds make a great alternative

Besides Venetian blinds, roller blinds are also a popular option. They are simple, economical yet highly effective in sunlight control. Roller blinds not only avoid the unwanted sunlight from entering into your room, but also maintain a level of privacy in your room. Due to these advantages, using roller blinds as window coverings can offer a fantastic value for your money.

Where can you install roller blinds?

November 22, 2010
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After you make your decision to replace your outdated curtains with contemporary blinds, choosing the right type of blind is the next important thing to do. Window blinds are available in different types, styles and sizes. This allows you to choose the one that perfectly fits on your window.

Among the different types of blinds available, roller blinds are widely used by many people. They are not only an economical option, but also provide a high level of privacy in a room. Roller blinds can be used on home as well as office windows. While roller blinds tend to be available in simple, basic styles, it does not mean that they are less effective.

As roller blinds offer sunlight control and privacy, they are perfect for any room – be it bedroom, lounge or kitchen. Another important advantage of using roller blinds is that they are available in a wide range of colours, designs and patterns. This makes it easy to choose the one that perfectly blends with the décor of your room.

Spice up your room with roller blinds

If you are fed up with the dull and boring look of your home, doing some remodelling can help you enhance its overall décor. Besides changing the colour of your ceiling and walls, you should also concentrate on the window covering. The type of window covering you choose can create a big difference on the overall appearance of your room. Thus, you can easily spice up your room using roller blinds.

Wooden blinds – superior features that can enhance the décor of your room

November 20, 2010
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The introduction of modern decorative accessories such as blinds has benefited consumers immensely. You can now improve the appearance of your home greatly thanks to these beautiful yet cost-effective items. Moreover, the availability of a vast variety has helped consumers to select exactly what they want.

Wooden blinds are one variety that has become popular among consumers. These blinds are well-known for their utility and appearance. Wooden blinds are extremely effective when it comes to preventing the entry of sunlight through windows. Also, consumers can install them in any room, irrespective of the home décor.

Wooden blinds also add to the overall elegance of the room. However, ensure that these blinds complement the furniture. You can get custom-made wooden blinds to meet your requirements. Furthermore, they are available in many different forms. They are available in a variety of shades, colours and textures. These blinds are easy to clean and maintain and are durable and long lasting.

Wood is one material that is particularly popular among interior decorators as it creates a favourable atmosphere. Employ wooden blinds and improve your home décor.

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