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Window blinds- a brief history

January 31, 2011
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Many people use blinds due to their attractive looks, usability and privacy features. Blinds are available in various colours, styles and designs as well as in different materials like vinyl, wood, metal and fabric.

How blinds were used

Some people believe that Nomads were the first to make use of blinds, as they covered their windows with cloth to prevent sunlight and heat from entering their homes. Unlike the Nomads, Egyptians used reed instead of cloth as window protectors.

Window blinds entered the European markets when traders got them from the east. Venice was the first European city to receive window blinds, they then became very popular and hence the name Venetian blinds stuck.

The British are though to have first manufactured blinds somewhere around 1769. Although these had some usability and design but they couldn’t be adjusted. The first revolving window blind was made by John Hampson in the year 1841.

Today many different types of blinds are available on the market, which are simple to use and fantastic to look at- which is why the windows of so many modern homes are covered with them.

Roman blinds – add class to your home décor

January 29, 2011
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Roman blinds can add style and splendor to any modern home, which makes them great for any home décor. They are available in numerous beautiful designs, patterns and fabrics, and are the perfect replacement for plain blinds for those looking to add aesthetic beauty.
Let us look at some features of Roman blinds and understand how they can add to your home décor.

Roman blinds offer great privacy

Roman blinds offer a high level of privacy against prying eyes. They can also be raised and lowered in order to gain control over outside light.

Are they expensive?

Roman blinds are not expensive. They are affordable and good quality blinds can last for a long time.

The most common and cost effective type of Roman blind style is the style which features a single pull wire. These are very easy to operate.

Structural design and beauty

When rolled up, these blinds fold up into soft horizontal pleats and look neat and tidy. They are very easy to clean and maintain too.

Roman blinds are available in numerous contemporary as well as classic designs, so you can choose the style most suited to your home décor.

Window blinds – benefits over curtains

January 27, 2011
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Window blinds are one of the most popular forms of window dressings as they are attractive and suit the needs of the modern home.

Let us discuss a few reasons as to why window blinds are often preferred over curtains.

Versatility and suitability for different environments

In the past, window blinds were used in a professional workplace environment only. Homes were dominated by curtains. Curtains were generally not used in offices as they require attention when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. However, blinds are much easier to clean and install. Soon, these advantages gained them attention from home owners and they started choosing window blinds for private spaces. Window blinds are better from privacy perspective too.

Styles, colours and materials

Window blinds are available in endless styles, designs and materials, and they can also be rolled up to form a neat roll at the top of the window.

Degree of control

Window blinds offer a great degree of control over the amount of incoming light in your home. Styles with slats can be adjusted to allow just the required amount of light to filter in. Curtains do not offer this advantage.

These are just some of the great benefits of blinds over curtains.

Reasons to install vertical blinds

January 26, 2011
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Vertical blinds are window coverings which offer both control over light and privacy. Due to the many advantages which vertical blinds offer over curtains, they are the perfect window covering option. They come in different shades, colours, patterns and sizes. This allows users to purchase a style which fully suits their budget and needs.

Vertical blinds come in both fabric and vinyl materials. With the availability of these blinds in different materials, you can choose blinds depending on the existing decor of your home or room. These blinds are perfect to install on many types of windows in many types of rooms.

Some of the advantages of blinds are:
• Affordability
• Durability
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Easy to install

If you planning to renovate your home, you should consider replacing your curtains with modern window blinds. Vertical blinds can either be used as standalone window coverings or in a combination with curtains.

When using window blinds, you have the ability to control the amount of sunlight entering your home.

Due to all of these reasons, vertical blinds have become extremely popular over recent years.

Window blinds – A great way to style your home

January 25, 2011
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Window blinds are capable of really transforming interiors. They can add style and luxury and this is why they are beginning to replace curtains. Blinds offer numerous benefits, which shall be discussed here.

Style and appeal

Window blinds are available in a huge range of choices, which can match all kinds of furniture and colour schemes. Window blinds are also made from many different materials.


Window blinds can help you to achieve complete privacy in your home, and they can be easily adjusted according to your needs. Many styles have slats which can be turned to several angles for varying degrees of privacy.

Control over light

Different parts of your home are likely to need different amounts of light, and blinds give you complete control over this. If you want bright sunlight, they can be rolled up to completely let it in. Alternatively they can be closed to block light out completely, which can help to prevent a room from overheating.

There’s no doubt that window blinds are a great way of adding style to your home- whatever your style preferences are.

The right window blinds – choosing them

January 24, 2011
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Selecting the right window blinds for your home can be a task. There are so many aspects to look at such as colour, design and material in order to make your home look its best. Here are some tips on how to go about purchasing the right window blinds.

Considerations for selecting the right window blinds

Appearance plays a major role in choosing the right window blinds. Most users give attention preference to colour, style and texture. Go through colour swatches to choose the right colour for your window. Blinds are available made from wood, vinyl, metal and plastic.

It is also essential to get the right measurements of the windows in question, as you won’t want the blinds to be too long or too short. Although most are adjustable the length of some can’t be changed.

Another aspect of selecting blinds is light control. Users should make sure that they know how much light they want inside the room and make their selection accordingly. Maintenance also plays an important role in the choice of blinds. Some types of blinds are a bit harder to maintain.

These are just a few things to consider in order to choose window blinds which are best suited to your home.

Vertical blinds and their numerous advantages

January 23, 2011
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After deciding to redecorate your home, window coverings are a very important consideration. Curtains are traditional window covering options whereas window blinds are the more modern alternatives. They are stylish and also easy to install and care for.

Vertical blinds are basic yet one of the most popular types of window covering. When it comes to selecting window blinds, there are different factors to look for including –
• Cost
• Efficiency
• Privacy control
• Aesthetic appeal

Stylish and affordable vertical blinds are available in different materials, designs, textures and colours. Vertical blinds are commonly made from aluminium, vinyl and faux wood materials. Being made from vertical slats, they can be adjusted to control light and privacy.

Important features of vertical blinds

Vertical blinds have gained immense popularity recently, and the cost, reliability, durability and quality of vertical blinds set them apart from many other types of window blinds.

Another great thing about vertical blinds is that they blend well with any style of room. So, when you’re looking to enhance the décor in your home consider investing in vertical window blinds.

Install roller blinds to brighten up your home

January 22, 2011
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Window blinds are a great way to enhance the home décor, and they come in a variety of styles, fabrics and colour choices. This offers endless possibilities in terms of decorating a home.

Benefits of installing roller blinds

Installing roller blinds on your windows offers numerous advantages including:

Privacy and light control

Different styles of roller blinds offer different levels of privacy and the ability to control excessive sunlight. Blackout blinds are also available to create complete darkness in a room. These blinds have a thicker fabric made from 100% light blocking material.

Newer styles of window blinds allow users to get the best of both worlds. They offer sunlight filtering during day time and a complete blackout shade for night.

Interior decoration and design

When planning to redecorate your home, window blinds play a crucial role. As they are available in a variety of options, getting blinds which blend in well with your interior becomes easy.

Roller blinds have an easy installation procedure, plus they are easy to clean and maintain. These features make roller blinds the perfect option for any home.

Wooden blinds – Add rustic appeal to your home

January 21, 2011
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Wooden blinds have classic and rustic style, and come in a variety of options. This makes them extremely popular with the modern homeowner.

Wooden blinds and their characteristics

These blinds add an element of grace and elegance to rooms, and also offer a good level of privacy, especially as they can be adjusted easily. Wooden blinds also offer good value for money as they are durable. Installation of these blinds is easy and you should be able to install them without the need for any professional assistance.

Good quality wooden blinds can last for a long time, provided you maintain them properly. The blinds feature solid slats, which are very practical.

Bamboo blinds are contemporary versions of wooden blinds and they are a popular choice for window dressing in offices and homes alike, as they can make any interior feel warm and welcoming. They can also be seen in many other commercial environments such as restaurants.

Wooden blinds are a very cost effective investment considering the many benefits which they offer, and they look great in properties which are designed in both classic and contemporary manners.

Planning to buy Roman blinds? This is what you need to know

January 20, 2011
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Roman window blinds add a classic touch to your home and are also very affordable, and this has made them a very popular choice with modern homeowners.

Features of Roman blinds

Roman blinds are decorative and stylish, and it is easy to clean and maintain them. They are available in many fabrics and colours and can even be custom made to blend into your home décor.

These blinds can be purchased affordably online, although measurements should be taken carefully before selecting a ready-made Roman blind.

The structure of these blinds is like a one piece fabric. Roman blinds when raised, form soft pleated veils, and when rolled down and look like flat cloth.

Roman blinds are easy to install and you probably won’t need expert assistance and most come accompanied with an installation kit and instructions. The choices as far as materials, colours, styles and fabrics are concerned are almost endless, so you can choose blinds which suit your every need.

Make sure that you buy Roman blinds made from strong, quality fabrics in order to make a long term investment.

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