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Roman blinds are great for interior design

July 31, 2011
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When deciding how a room should look, we often spend most of our time thinking about paint, carpets and furniture. This makes a lot of sense, being as these elements dictate the look of a room to a great extent. However, they are not the only things that affect interior design and a poorly-chosen window covering can undo all your good work at a stroke.

Equally, a well-chosen blind can lift a room so that it is more impressive than you could have imagined. Roman blinds are particularly good for this. They are particularly well-suited to bedrooms and living rooms.

A Roman blind is essentially just a flat piece of fabric, but it gets its striking look from the way it is raised. A Roman blind features wooden rods running across the material at different heights, evenly spaced. When you raise the blind, they rise and the fabric in between drapes down in elegant folds. With the right choice of fabric, this can create a really striking effect.

If you’re designing a particular room, particularly one where the window is a major focal point, a Roman blind might be just what you need to complete the look. It will draw attention to the view and frame it beautifully.

Create the right effect with your home décor

July 29, 2011
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Choosing the right décor isn’t about drawing together all your favourite elements and lumping them together, hoping for the best. You need to think about the way they interact with each other; whether they complement or detract from each other.

At worst, your favourite blinds and your favourite settee will simply clash and bought without thought, at best they will merely look acceptable. For a truly great effect, you need to consider both together. Fortunately, there are so many different styles of blind, you should be able to find something that works well.

Think carefully about colour and texture. Plain blinds can sometimes feel a little bit formal as they are reminiscent of the workplace, so look for something warmer. Wood or wood effect Venetian blinds are a good option, because they are homely and yet fit with most home décor.

If you go for Roman blinds, think about what kind of effect you’re trying to create before deciding on a colour. Yellows, reds and oranges are warmer colours, while blue and green are cooler. You can either try and pick something that fits with the colour of the walls or go for the exact opposite if you know your complementary colours.

Choosing blinds for an office

July 28, 2011
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Very few offices will have curtains. Blinds are more frequently used. They offer greater flexibility and a more businesslike atmosphere, but most importantly in the eyes of most companies, they are easy to clean.

When choosing blinds for an office, it’s generally best to play it safe. When decorating your home, the only person you need to please is yourself and maybe your partner, but at work, your choice needs to suit everybody. Steer clear of flamboyant or garish designs. Keep things simple.

This doesn’t mean that a blind for an office needs to be bland, however. It just needs to be fit for purpose. Venetian blinds are visually striking, for example, but not showily so. They catch the eye because of their form, not because of what they’re made of. That said, real wood might be an expense your company is unwilling to meet, but that isn’t to say there aren’t more affordable alternatives that will still look good.

Vertical blinds are often seen in offices as well, not least because they do a good job of covering the kinds of large windows that are often found in such buildings. Here, choose softer colours of fabric. Greys are popular, but can make a room feel cold, so beiges and subtle pastel shades might be more appropriate.

What mood do you want to create with your bedroom decor?

July 27, 2011
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When styling a bedroom, you need to consider what kind of a mood you’re aiming to create. You will probably want something warm and relaxing. The way you decorate will help or hinder your efforts to achieve this.

Bedrooms lend themselves to colours like coffee or deep brownish reds. Where you want to keep most rooms in the house light and spacious feeling, this is less of a concern in a bedroom, where you’re primarily aiming to create a peaceful, inviting sleeping environment.

If you do go for quite a heavy colour on the walls, offset it elsewhere. Buy lighter coloured bedding and blinds. With fabric blinds, choose your colour carefully and the same applies with Venetian blinds, even though you have fewer options.

The other approach is to go for a minimalist design, in which case paler colours throughout are the order of the day and the stark lines of a Venetian blind are particularly appropriate here. Don’t rule out vertical blinds either. While more traditionally seen in offices, there are nevertheless a great many stylish options for homes as well. Those with narrow slats are particularly striking, so take a look at what’s on offer.

Choosing blinds when you’ve just moved into a new home

July 26, 2011
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In many respects, a new home is a blank canvas. If you’ve just moved into a rundown kind of house, you’ll want to start decorating as soon as possible to make the place feel more homely, but even if the rooms are smart and presentable, you’ll probably want to put your own stamp on them. You’ll find different ideas coming to mind as you walk about and you’ll be desperate to get started.

This can be a great feeling. Some homeowners say that they almost preferred their houses when they were rich with promise compared to when they’d actually finished – if a house is ever actually finished. Choosing blinds is a key part of this process, as every room needs window coverings of some description.

For a lot of people, curtains are the default option. They think of curtains first and then consider blinds as an alternative. This is odd when you consider that there are rooms in which you’d never consider putting curtains – such as the bathroom or kitchen – while blinds are appropriate everywhere.

More to the point, blinds are often more striking than curtains. You can get all sorts of different colours and patterns when it comes to curtains, but the same is true of blinds and also come in multiple different styles and materials. So if you’ve just moved in somewhere, don’t rush out and buy curtains before you’ve really given the matter some thought. When you’re starting from scratch, you can do what you want.

The best option if you need blackout blinds

July 25, 2011
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Most different kinds of blinds can be bought with blackout lining, but some blinds lend themselves to this more than others. Venetian blinds can be blackout lined, for example, but being made of multiple slats, the blackout effect is not so pronounced.

Vertical blackout blinds can be good in living rooms where they provide privacy and a certain degree of darkness, but in a bedroom you will want something more efficient for the summer months.

Roller blinds offer a good blackout effect, because they are one piece of fabric, meaning light can’t creep through cracks. However, while roller blinds can be very attractive – they are available in all sorts of fabrics – when they are rolled up, they don’t look all that great.

If you’re decorating a bedroom, you’ll want something a bit more aesthetically pleasing and Roman blinds generally fit the bill. Like roller blinds, they are made of one single piece of fabric, but where Roman blinds score higher is when they are open. A raised roller blind is little more than a roll of fabric, whereas a raised Roman blind looks even better as the fabric drapes elegantly.

New blind or replacement slats?

July 24, 2011
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If you have an old blind in your house that you’re no longer happy with, your first impulse will be to get rid of it and get a new one instead. This is one option, but don’t act impulsively.

If you are simply tired of the look of your blind and want something in a different style, buying a new one might be the answer. If you have Venetian blinds but would prefer a Roman blind, you have little option. However, if you have vertical blinds, you might be able to get away with simply changing the slats.

The same applies if your blind is just getting a bit tatty. If it has faded somewhat after years in direct sun, or if slats have become damaged somehow, you don’t need to replace the entire blind, you can simply replace the slats.

When you look at a vertical blind, pretty much all you see is the fabric. When the fabric’s below-par, the whole blind looks bad, but it is actually a very simple task to address this. New slats mean new fabric and a fresh look. In theory, you could even have different looking blinds for different seasons, changing the slats for summer then winter each year.

The advantage of wood effect Venetian blinds

July 23, 2011
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Many people are attracted to natural wood when looking for a new set of blinds. Venetian blinds need to be made out of solid materials and of the choices available, wood often seems the classiest.

Aluminium and PVC are suitable in some rooms, but not others. In a bedroom or living room, wood seems a natural choice. It may complement furniture made of the same material or it might simply offer a subtle, classy window covering.

However, there is one disadvantage of using natural wood and that is its size and weight. If you have a large window, the weight of a wooden blind will be quite significant, so the window recess will need to be strong enough to support it.

On top of that, wooden slats are thicker, which raises issues when it comes to taller windows. If your blinds are permanently down, there is no problem. You can angle the slats and let light in with ease. However, if you raise the blind, you may find that even when stacked one on top of another, wooden slats obstruct a significant part of the window, simply as a result of their thickness.

In this instance, the solution is to use wood effect blinds. The slats are thinner with these blinds, but they still look every bit as good as wood.

Get Venetian blinds custom made to ensure satisfaction

July 22, 2011
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Buying blinds is like buying any other form of home furnishing. You are likely to have a particular look in mind that will complement everything else in the room. This is why it’s generally best to get Venetian blinds custom made.

Custom made blinds are often a necessity, in fact, because window sizes vary so much. By having your blind made to fit your window, you ensure a decent a fit. Buy a blind even a few inches out and it is likely to look ridiculous.

You can also choose exactly what material and shade you want your blind to be. Natural wood is very popular and there are pale woods available if you want to keep your room bright and spacious feeling as well as darker woods to provide a classier, more homely feel.

Finding the right shade shouldn’t prove too difficult and by having the blind custom made, you ensure that light is properly blocked and privacy is provided. Furthermore, a well-fitted blind offers better insulation in winter, particularly if you go for real wood.

Blinds are ideal for bay windows

July 21, 2011
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If you’ve got a large bay window, you will need to find a way of providing privacy without losing the benefits that it provides. Curtains are generally not the solution, because neither of the options you have for where to place them are ideal.

If you install the curtains outside the recess of the bay, you effectively lose that part of the room when the curtains are closed. This rather misses the point of having a bay window. Similarly, installing them inside, against the main window means that you have large amounts of fabric gathered by the side windows, blocking light. Again, this negates one of the strengths of this sort of window.

If you instead opt for blinds, you get all the space of a bay window as well as all the light. You will need two narrow blinds for the sides and a larger one for the main window. Vertical blinds are an option, as are Venetian blinds. A Roman blind perhaps wouldn’t work with the narrow side windows and it would look odd to have different kinds of blinds next to one another.

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