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Design trends for blinds

August 30, 2011
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1. Natural, organic materials. Go for wood, bamboo or other natural materials. Bamboo is very popular at the moment, not only for its look, but also due to its green credentials. You will find a wide range of fabrics inspired by nature that work well with different types of blind. The classic wooden blind is also a choice that will always stand the test of time.

2. Colours are simple and soft, and popular choices include browns and shades of blue. If you are looking to make more of an impact with your blinds, take a look at oranges and gold.

3. Roman blinds in fabric from the leather and suede range fit perfectly with the trend for luxurious window coverings.

4. If you decide to make your blinds a focal point in your room, then choose fabric featuring bold floral patterns. Take the time to think about your choice and make sure it complements your interior design rather than clashing with it.

5. Sleek lines are also a popular choice when decorating homes and blinds fit in perfectly with this trend, offering a stylish and functional way to control light and provide privacy for you and your family.

Which blinds work best?

August 28, 2011
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When choosing blinds to cover your windows, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself before deciding which blinds will work best for each type of window.

Take the time to think about your decision carefully, so that you make the right choice.

1. How big are your windows, and what shape are they? Tall windows look great with vertical blinds, while a small rectangular window would probably look best with a simple roller or roman blind.

2. How deep is the window recess? Do you want to leave the sill exposed when the blinds are closed? Small windows can be made to look bigger is the blind is fitted outside the recess and cut larger than the window itself.

3. How does the window open? Make sure that the blinds you are thinking of will not make opening the window difficult. Verticals work well with sliding glass doors as they can generally be pulled open to both sides.

4. Think about the purpose of the blinds, and whether you need them for light control, privacy or insulation, or all. If you need privacy, go for Venetian blinds or fabrics that filter through the light even when pulled closed.

Ultimate light control for better sleep

August 27, 2011
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It is a well-known fact that our brain needs darkness in order to switch off and allow us to sleep. If your bedroom window coverings are badly fitted or unlined, then you risk being woken earlier than you would like, particularly during the summer months.

Whereas some rooms in the house require their blinds to simply filter the light, bedrooms really need blinds that can completely block the light out.

Luckily, blackout fabrics are available for different types of blind, so you still have the freedom to choose the style that suits your décor best. You will also find a variety of colours, so you will not need to compromise on style by going for blackouts.

Opt for vertical blinds if you have lovely tall windows in your bedroom and want high levels of light control. You can also open the blinds in various ways when you want to let in the maximum amount of light or have an uninterrupted view.

The blackout fabrics for roller blinds are available in a range of colours and their contemporary look makes them an ideal choice for a child’s bedroom. If you like the softer design of the roman blind, then just choose your favourite fabric and order it with a blackout lining for great style and total darkness when you need it.

Choose a natural look for your blinds

August 26, 2011
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Blinds inspired by nature and natural textiles or materials, are not only beautiful but add a real sense of warmth to a room.

Soft shades of natural colours are easy on the eye and can have a calming effect on the senses. These hues can also blend easily with a wide variety of interior styles, from traditional to contemporary. This makes them excellent value for money, as you can redecorate a room without needing to change your blinds.

Textures are subtle but contrast very nicely with the surrounding wall surfaces, making the blinds a focal point without being too ostentatious. They also let the sunlight filter through creating a lovely soft lighting within the room.

Here are a few examples to give you some ideas:

For vertical blinds, take a look at the bark, bamboo or beech louvres from the Supreme Range, which would look fantastic on any tall windows or sliding doors.

The roller blind fabrics offer a great selection of natural looks, from the biscuit and rattan fabrics to the manay selection, and combine soft dusky colours with interesting textures, which would complement any room.

If you prefer the style and light control offered by Venetian blinds, then take a look at the range of wooden blinds.

Venetian variety

August 25, 2011
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Venetian blinds are possibly the most versatile blinds available. Bringing stylish simplicity to any room, they can fit in both in the home and the workplace. Durable, affordable and easy to clean, they represent fantastic value for money. The only potential difficulty is working out whether to go for aluminium or wooden slats, and which colours to choose!

Perforated Venetian blinds are great for rooms that require total privacy. The slats can be closed without completely blocking out the light, thanks to the perforations. Choose from white, black and silver for a sleek window covering that is perfect for bathrooms.

Wooden Venetian blinds are quite simply beautiful. The wooden slats bring a warm and natural element to any interior, and you will find a vast choice of tones and colours to complement your décor, from the lightest pine to deeper, richer flashwood or firenut.

One advantage of opting for standard aluminium Venetian blinds is the range of colours available. From dusky pinks to sunflower yellows, you will find the colours to perfectly complete the decoration in your home. If you have your heart set on wood for a bathroom or kitchen, you will find the aluminium wood-effect blinds you are looking for, without the risk of warping in the humidity!

A quick look at the different blinds available

August 24, 2011
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Roller Blinds are a very popular option, and can be found a wide variety of fabrics that can filter or completely block the light as necessary. A sheet of fabric that can be pulled down or rolled up as necessary, these blinds are simple and stylish. Choose fabrics that filter the light for windows exposed to strong sunlight, and blackout roller blinds for bedrooms.

Vertical Blinds offer complete privacy when closed, although they also provide a high degree of light control, depending on the angle of the louvres which is easily adjustable. These blinds are ideal for French windows as they can usually be pulled completely open to either side, making access easy.

Venetian Blinds also offer great light control and privacy. They look fantastic on square and rectangular windows, and are available with wooden slats for a warm, natural look or with durable aluminium slats that can be ordered in a variety of colours.

Roman Blinds provide the same kind of covering as a roller blind, although the fabric and design of the blind creates a softer look, particularly when the blinds are open and the fabric folds. Again, the fabric used will determine the amount of light control.

How to choose the best blinds for your décor

August 23, 2011
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With such a vast array of blinds and fabrics to choose from, it may be a bit bewildering if you are trying to decide which blinds will suit your décor best. Which type of blinds do you need? Which colours are fashionable? Would it be a better idea to choose patterned blinds?

If you know exactly what you want, then stop reading now. If, however, you need a helping hand, then here are a few tips.

Firstly, you need to think about the window you are dressing, and concentrate in particular on the type of window, the room it is in, and the look you want to create.

Think, too, about your current décor. Do you want to re-decorate at the same time as installing your new blinds, or will they simply act as a cost-effective way to refresh a tired interior? If you are planning on redecorating, make sure you think very carefully about how you intend to do this, so that your new blinds fit in perfectly.

Consider how often you change the look of your home. If you can’t keep the same style for long, then why not go for trendy, fashionable colours and designs and make a real statement? If, on the other hand, you tend to find a look you like and stick with it, then opt for a timeless, classic blind in pale, neutral colours.

Which way should you tilt?

August 22, 2011
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Who would have thought that light control could be so complicated? Have you ever wondered which way the slats of blinds should be tilted for maximum light control and privacy? If you have chosen to go for super-stylish Venetian or wooden blinds for your home, here are some tips you could find useful:

• For those living in apartment blocks, the tilt depends on the position of your apartment. Flats higher up should tilt the slats down, while those on the ground floor should tilt them upwards. Why? This way, no-one can see through into your home.

• Closing the slats so they tilt upwards has another advantage. This way, you direct the light upwards to the ceiling, and therefore away from carpets and soft furnishings that could fade if exposed to too much sunlight. Tilting them down lets in more light from above which could be more intense.

• If you want to check whether you have the blinds tilted in the right way so as to prevent people from seeing into your home, the best time to test is at night. Turn the lights on, go outside, and see whether you can see inside!

10 Reasons why blinds are best

August 21, 2011
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1. Simple to install: Forget curtain poles and hooks. All you need is a screwdriver and a few screws.
2. Easy to maintain: Curtains need to be taken down to clean, whereas blinds just need dusting from time to time, or a quick wipe with a damp cloth.
3. Privacy: Ditch the net curtains and stop prying eyes with a sleek and stylish window blind.
4. Light control: Blinds with slats or louvres allow you to direct the light, let it all in, filter it, or block it all out completely.
5. Cost-effective: Great quality, but cheaper than curtains, and little upkeep.
6. Versatile: Blinds can be used on any window in any room in the house. They can also be used for covering storage cupboards, for example.
7. Durable: Aluminium slats last well and can cope even in difficult environments, like bathrooms. Wooden slats and durable fabrics will look good for years.
8. Stylish: A huge choice of fabrics, colours and fabrics combined with simple, clean lines means it is impossible not to find the ideal complement to your décor.
9. Choice: Roman and roller blinds, Venetian, vertical and wooden blinds all have their own advantages, and so for every style of room there’s a blind to fit it.
10. Contemporary: Blinds can make much more of a design impact than musty old curtains!

Choose candy striped blinds to enliven a bedroom

August 20, 2011
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If you are looking for new blinds to add a bit of colour and interest to your home, then why not choose one of the candy stripe fabrics available from our range? The candy stripe is a simple and elegant way to add a splash of colour, especially if you don’t want block colours or patterns.

Perfect for children’s bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens, candy stripes on a roman or roller blind can enliven an otherwise plain and simple style. It can also provide contrast with other elements in the room, or bring together the colours that are present in other furnishings.

You could also continue the stripes on other surfaces, making them blend together to create a fun, interesting look. This could work particularly good in a child’s bedroom. Roller blinds and roman blinds suit this type of fabric very well.

The simplicity of a roller blind combined with a striped pattern makes for an elegant window covering, while the fabric and folding of a roman blind can provide a softer alternative for a bedroom.

Orion Blinds offers a range of colours that would bring colour and warmth to any interior. Gloucester Raspberry combines raspberry pink with chocolate, while others designs include warm orange or blues and greens.

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