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Buying blinds made easy and affordable

September 30, 2011
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If you are looking for blinds on a budget, then consider ordering them online for great deals without having to compromise on quality.

Good quality, made-to-measure blinds can transform the look of a room, while providing excellent levels of light control and privacy. The different types of blind available, along with the vast choice of colours and fabrics, means that you are certain to find the perfect blinds for your home at a price that suits your pocket.

Buying online simplifies the whole process. You can choose your blinds from the comfort of your own home, even ordering samples to arrive at your door so that you can make sure you make the right design choices.

Once you have found your ideal design, you simply order it directly through the website and wait for it to arrive! Help is always at hand if you need it, and you’ll also find useful guides to help you take the correct measurements.

You’ll also make savings by fitting your new blinds yourself. It is a relatively simple process, especially with the right instructions, which, again, you will find on the website.

So, just because you need to redecorate on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t design your home interiors according to your personal tastes. Just cut out the middle man and order online.

Do your window coverings provide effective light control?

September 29, 2011
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While the Indian summer weather we are currently experiencing may feel like a welcome reprieve before the chill of winter really sets in, the extra-bright light can make your home or office a difficult environment to be in.

When too much light is streaming through the windows, TV and computer screens give off glare that cause your eyes to become fatigued and strained, and make it hard to see anything on the screen! Furnishings and furniture can fade quickly in strong direct sunlight, and the temperature in a room can quickly shoot up without effective window coverings.

So, if you are sitting in quasi-darkness with the curtains firmly closed and the room feeling more than a little stuffy, it may be time to consider blinds! Different types of blinds offer different ways of controlling light. Roller and roman blinds can gently filter light when lowered, making levels more comfortable for watching TV or using a PC. Slatted blinds can direct the sun’s rays away from where you are, ensuring you avoid uncomfortable glare.

Venetian and vertical blinds also have the advantage of allowing air to circulate in the room, at the same time as providing effective light control.

Roman blinds are a great choice for any window

September 28, 2011
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Roman blinds are fantastic addition to any room, and the simplicity of their design makes them a great choice for most types, shapes and sizes of window. The fabric folds neatly when the blind is raised, maintaining the clean lines of the design, while providing a softer look than that offered by roller blinds.

The great variety of roman blinds available is thanks to the huge range of fabrics to choose from, meaning that you are sure to find fabric that complements your home decoration perfectly.

Although the fabric is lined to allow light to filter gently through, these blinds can also be lined with blackout fabric, making them a great choice for bedrooms, where you will want extra light control for better sleep!
There are two types of Roman blinds head rails available:

The Standard head rail is raised and lowered using a cord, which can be secured to a cleat on the wall.

The beaded sidewinder of the Deluxe head rail can make raising and lowering the blinds easier, and means they do not need to be fastened to stay in place.

How to choose the best blinds for you (2)

September 27, 2011
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3. Think about the environmental factors. Is the room humid and warm (i.e. kitchen / bathroom) or south-facing? Avoid wooden blinds in warm, steamy rooms as it can warp and buckle. If you have your heart set on wooden blinds in your bathroom, consider the wood effect Venetians instead. Their aluminium slats will withstand the conditions, while providing excellent light control and privacy. They are easy to clean, too!

4. Think about the décor of the room. Are decorations minimal and contemporary, elaborate or traditional? Vertical blinds look great in any modern design that places the emphasis on clean, uncluttered lines. Wooden blinds can impart either a very traditional or contemporary feel depending on the wood tones used as well as the furnishings in the rest of the room. Think carefully about which design will best complement the furnishing and colour schemes in your home.

5. Think about cleaning and maintenance. This is a practical consideration that should not be overlooked. Curtains can be pain to clean, can attract dust and can quickly fade from exposure to sunlight. Blinds, on the other hand, are easily and quickly cleaned. Slatted blinds simply need to be dusted from time to time, while roller and roman can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

How to choose the best blinds for you (1)

September 26, 2011
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If you are considering buying blinds for some or all of the windows in your home, it can be difficult knowing which blinds will work best, so here is a quick guide to help you choose:

1. Think about the role of the blind. Do you need privacy and light control, or just one of these? Some blinds are better suited to certain needs than others. If you are looking for privacy, then Venetian, vertical, roman and roller blinds can all provide this, but remember that the last two have to be completely lowered in order to achieve privacy. Slatted blinds can prevent people from looking through the window while still letting in the light.

2. Think about the size and shape of the window. Small and narrow windows tend to suit roller or roman blinds, which can also be hung outside the recess to create the illusion of larger windows when the blinds are closed. Tall, large windows look great with vertical blinds, as the slats emphasise their height, while Venetian blinds, of course, highlight the horizontal! Bay windows can look fantastic with either roller or roman blinds.

Time to get your conservatory winter-ready

September 25, 2011
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We often associate sitting in the conservatory with spring and summer evenings, and so, as the nights draw in and the temperature plummets, you may be using your conservatory less frequently. With the right blinds and furnishings, however, you could transform your conservatory into a haven whatever the season.

Keep the colours of blinds and furnishings fairly neutral and light, with a minimal design. These will make it easy to change the mood and atmosphere of the room, simply by using easily-changed accessories.

Introduce warm tones during the colder months and make use of lighting to create a softly-lit and cosy room that will perfect for lounging or entertaining.

Think carefully about the overall look you are aiming for when you choose your blinds. Roman blinds can either filter the light or completely block it, and the fabric used can create a softer look. Keep in mind, too, that conservatories can feel rather exposed once night falls. If yours is hidden from public view, then you could use the glow of outside lanterns softly filtered through roller or roman blinds to create a real winter haven.

Vertical and venetian blinds are the best option to go for if you want a more contemporary design for your conservatory and prefer the increased light control.

Get extra light control with perforated Venetian blinds

September 23, 2011
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Perforated Venetian blinds come in range of classic colours that will enhance many interiors, and offer all the practical advantages of non-perforated blinds.

The perforated slats allow light to filter through even when they are closed, however, which makes them a great choice if you want privacy without reducing the amount of natural light. If you require more light but want to avoid glare, the slats are easily oriented to direct the sun’s rays away from TV screens or computers. When raised, the blinds take up little room, allowing you uninterrupted views when you prefer.

They create a striking and contemporary look which perfectly complements rooms that are decorated in a simple, minimal style. Black, silver or white venetian blinds bring a very modern touch to the feel of a room, and look cool and sleek.

Venetian blinds are durable and easy to look after, as well as looking great. This makes them ideal for rooms such as home offices and kitchens, as they are easily cleaned and don’t suffer in warm environments where they are exposed to steam.

So, if are thinking about fitting Venetian blinds in your home, consider going for perforated slats for excellent light control and a cutting-edge look.

Colour-blocking with blinds

September 22, 2011
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Colour-blocking is a popular fashion trend that can lend itself equally well to home decorating. The result is bold and daring and may not suit all tastes, but if you want to make a statement and add vibrancy to your living space then here are some ideas:

• First you need to choose the colours to use. Choose a few bold colours that complement each other; you could go for different tones from the same palette or contrasting colours that work well together. Adding a neutral colour to the mix can prevent the result from being overwhelming.

• Blinds provide an easy and cost-effective way to add blocks of colour. Roller and roman blinds offer continuous colour blocks, while vertical and Venetian blinds offer simple lines that will complement this minimal but striking look.

• If you want to add depth and texture, look for blinds that offer a two-toned pattern or fabrics that have a more pronounced texture, such as the Islita roman blinds.

Take your time to plan which colours will go where, and think carefully about the overall final impact. This approach to home decorating would suit any room in the house and is particularly attractive in children’s bedrooms.

Bathroom blinds

September 21, 2011
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When you are looking for new blinds for your bathroom, there are certain things you need to take into consideration:

1. Privacy
Depending on whether your bathroom faces the street, another house or an enclosed back garden, the need for privacy can vary. Certain blinds, such as roller blinds, are either raised or lowered, but the fabric can filter light through the fabric, obstructing prying eyes without leaving you in the dark!

2. Light control
Unless you want to rely on electric lights, you need blinds that will keep you hidden from view but provide natural light at the same time. Venetian blinds are excellent in this context, as the slats can be oriented so as to direct light into the room while obstructing the view.

3. Durability
Fabrics can degrade in warm and humid conditions, while wood can warp if not treated. Aluminium slats are ideal for this type of environment, and you can even have the best of both worlds if you want a natural look for your bathroom. Wood-effect Venetian blinds include beech, walnut, chestnut and teak tones which offer you the warm hues of wooden blinds and all the durability of aluminium.

Remember, it’s not just about looks; each type of blind offers specific features that are particularly well-suited to certain needs. Keep this in mind when choosing your bathroom blinds.

Choose vertical blinds for a contemporary décor

September 20, 2011
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Vertical blinds are perhaps not always the first type of blind people go for when choosing window coverings for their home. It is true that the striking and contemporary look of vertical blinds may not always be the best choice. A very traditional choice of interior design, for example, may clash slightly with these very modern blinds.

The clean and simple lines of vertical blinds makes them particularly suited to decorations of the same style. Minimal interiors, with the same unfussy approach, are perfectly complimented by the long vertical louvres.

Tall windows can seem even taller, creating a sense of height and space. This impression can be further heightened if a light, neutral palette of colours is chosen for both the blinds and the room. If the window faces the garden, then the contrast between the interior and exterior colours can provide a striking view.

Vertical blinds also offer the flexibility of opening and orienting the louvres to varying degrees and in different directions, so you can manipulate the light coming in as well as the view outside. They can also be opened completely to either side, making them perfect for French windows or sliding doors.

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