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Appropriate blinds for patio doors

December 22, 2014
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If you’re lucky enough to have double doors opening out onto your patio, you will want to make the most them, particularly during summer. These doors may be left open on warm days to allow a breeze and also for easy access to the garden. However, this also brings with it a few problems.

For one thing, you may end up with flies and other insects inside the house. To some extent, this is unavoidable, but you want to minimise the chances of it happening all the same. Flies are much better at finding their way into houses than out of them, after all. You may also suffer glare on the TV if there’s something you want to watch. Large windows are great when you want the light, but a bit of a problem when you don’t.

Blinds are a great solution. Vertical blinds are often used, but string blinds are another alternative. The latter keep out insects, but are easy for people to pass through when they need to go in or out. Furthermore, while they block direct light, they don’t totally darken a room, meaning you still get plenty of natural light, but you can still watch TV if you want.

Why roller blinds suit kitchens

December 20, 2014
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Blinds are the obvious choice when it comes to your kitchen window. But what kind? Many people go for roller blinds and there are several reasons why they make a good choice.

First of all, there is the obvious benefit that they are affordable. We all want our kitchen to look good, but primarily it is a practical room. As such, the appearance of the blind isn’t our sole concern. There is a reason why Roman blinds look odd in a kitchen and it is essentially because of convention, but that convention has come about for a reason – the fabric of a Roman blind will collect the smells of a kitchen and may not tolerate the high humidity that results from cooking.

A roller blind, however, can be bought in whatever material you want – preferably one that is easy to look after, so that it can better tolerate the kitchen environment. Furthermore, roller blinds are incredibly easy to use, which can be a distinct advantage if your window is positioned the other side of a sink or worktop, where you might have to stretch a little to reach the mechanism.

Get blackout blinds if you’re working nights

December 19, 2014
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The biggest challenge when you work nights is your internal clock. Humans aren’t nocturnal and we have evolved to wake when exposed to light and to go to sleep when the light fades at the end of the day. Clearly, if you are working the nightshift, you are battling this.

This is particularly problematic in summer when it is light for the majority of each 24 hour period. Even working conventional hours, it can be difficult to get to sleep at nights as it is light. Trying to get to sleep in the day is virtually impossible.

Fortunately, there are things you can do. We have artificial light that can help us wake when it’s night and you can even get alarm clocks which slowly produce more and more light leading up to the audible alarm, simulating dawn. At night, you can use blackout blinds.

Not all blinds obstruct light completely. A Venetian blind, for example, will tend to allow a certain amount of light through, even when closed. However, something like a Roman blind or a roller blind can be bought with blackout material as a backing. It will work even better, if the blind is installed outside the window recess, so that there are no gaps.

Make your home a haven by decorating well

December 17, 2014
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The feel of our homes is to a large extent dictated by the décor. As well as making rooms look attractive, we must ensure they provide the right ambience as well.

Decorating any room can seem daunting and as with so many tasks, the trick is to plan ahead. If you collect photos of interiors you like the look of, you are a couple of steps ahead.

Next, think about the purpose of the room. Is it for dinner parties or relaxing? What goes on will affect the decisions you make. A more formal set of vertical blinds might not seem appropriate in a living room, for example, while a poor colour selection might mean your dining room is cursed with an unnecessarily extravagant Roman blind.

Consider other furniture as well. If you’re buying a new table or settee at the same time you’re decorating, remember that this will have a knock-on effect on other decisions you have to make.

Similarly, if you’re repainting, choose your blinds with the paint colour in mind. The colours will need to complement each other. Don’t be tied to what happens to be in vogue this season either. This is the surest way of making the room seem dated when fashion moves on. Try and create a timeless look.

Blinds are a blend of privacy and style

December 2, 2014
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The market is full of various kinds of blinds these days. These blinds provide all the required effects for a more distinguished looking home décor. Blinds are used for obstructing sunlight, stopping the glare it creates in your room. They also provide desired privacy for any home or office atmosphere.

Roman blinds

These blinds are available in endless designs and fabrics to suit your individual requirements. The reason for their popularity is their affordability and easy installation. They are low in maintenance so cleaning them is a relatively light job. Roman blinds are extremely attractive and therefore enhance the interiors of the room they are in.

You can install these blinds on your own according to manufacturers instructions, but if you are unsure then it is wise to hire professionals for the job. Roman blinds are extremely elegant and they can change your home or office décor drastically.

Silhouette blinds

These blinds are a blend of various shades, fabrics and patterns which bind into a single format, adding more style and elegance to your environment. They instantly add colour to any dull atmosphere. They facilitate proper lighting in the room with suspended fabric vanes which enable you to adjust the light according to your needs. The hardware used for these vanes is of high quality for persistent usage.

Blinds are essential to ensure privacy, better lighting and style.

The many advantages of installing window blinds

December 2, 2014
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With many people now becoming more and more conscious about home decor, they often try different combinations to make their home look more appealing and attractive. Windows are one of the major sources that let air inside our homes. Moreover, they also let sunlight to enter in. However, when too much sunlight enters a room, it can ultimately damage furniture.

Excess sunlight can also create glare on your TV screen and disturb your viewing. Thus, installing curtains or window blinds is a good solution to block out excessive sunlight. Whilst curtains are traditional window coverings, blinds are the modern alternative.

Blinds are available in many different types, including Venetian blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds and wooden blinds. They also come in many different sizes, shapes and patterns, which enable the users to select a style that can blend in well with the existing décor of their home.

Window blinds not only help to stop unwanted light from entering into your room, but also provide much needed privacy from outside world. Vertical blinds can greatly reduce, redirect or block unwanted sun.

So, if you want to enhance the décor of your room whilst maintaining much needed privacy, installing window blinds is a great choice.

Window blinds are the perfect choice for your windows

December 1, 2014
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by admin

If you are planning to change the décor in your home then make sure that you change the window coverings too. In the past, curtains, shades and shutters were selected by many homeowners but now window blinds have become the nation’s favourite choice. When buying them, you will find that window blinds are available in several different types such as vertical blinds, Venetian blinds and blackout blinds. All these window blinds come in different materials such as fabric, plastic, wood and aluminum.

Once you have installed window blinds in your home or office then you can easily maintain a high level of privacy. This privacy is not possible with other coverings. In addition to this, window blinds also help to block the entrance of outside light.

With the help of cords or chains, you can easily adjust the slats of the window blinds as per your needs. By closing the slats completely, you can darken the room or conversely you can open the slats to get the maximum amount of light in the room. As they are also available in different colours and patterns, you can easily add style and elegance to the décor of the room.

Venetian window blinds are preferred by most homeowners, as they offer several user friendly features. The slats of these window blinds are positioned horizontally. This feature helps to block the light and maintain privacy easily. Even vertical blinds are gaining in popularity, as they can be fitted on any sized windows. Thus, you can install any type of window blind for your home or office, according to your tastes, requirements and budget.


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